Row With Us

Mill Town Rowing welcomes rowers of all levels for both competitive and recreational rowing. Program and membership options include…

Learn To Row

Rowing with Mill Town  is a terrific way to enjoy the natural beauty of Snohomish River and have fun while getting fit.  If you are new to the sport or would like a refresher, check out Learn To Row.

Rowing Membership

Mill Town Rowing offers top notch coaching in a positive, supportive team atmosphere. We would love to have you join our rowing community.

Guest Drop-Ins

Are you visiting from out of town? If you’d like to get some rowing in while you are away from your usual club, you are welcome to drop-in for a few guest rows.

Non-Rowing Membership: Coxswain

If you don’t intend to row but would like to cox, we invite you  to take advantage of our free Coxswain membership. 

Non-Rowing Membership: Supporter

If rowing isn’t your cup of tea  (are you sure about that?) but you would like to support the team, Mill Town also offers a non-rowing Supporter Membership.

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