Who We Are

Mill Town Rowing is a brand new Snohomish County Rowing club founded by a diverse group of rowers united by shared values and a passion for rowing.

Meet Our Board

Our freshly minted board of directors will be very busy this year as they create and refine club policies and processes and work on building out our operational and physical (boat house!) infrastructure.  

They can be reached at board@milltownrowing.org or individually through the emails below.

President: Scott Erpelding


Rowing Years: 0

Why I’m here:

Meet Scott, affectionately known as Scooter! Though he may not be out on the water rowing himself, you’ll always find him enthusiastically cheering on his husband and the entire team at both local and international regattas. His 14 years of non-profit board experience is a valuable resource for the Board of Mill Town Rowing, where he helps guide and support the club.

In his own words, “Whether it’s time to get hands-on and everyone to the dock on time, or steering discussions in a meeting – I am Mill Town’s biggest cheerleader and ready to power up.  Get ready, because rowing in the Pacific Northwest just got a lot more exciting with Mill Town in the house!”

Vice President: Tricia Stemler


Rowing Years: 8

Why I’m here:

I’ve been rowing for 8 years now, and it’s been a remarkable journey filled with challenges and triumphs. From the early days of learning the basics to now competing at a high level, rowing has become a huge part of my life.

Over the past 4 years, I’ve had the opportunity of serving on the Everett Rowing Association’s Board, with 3 of those years spent as the Secretary. This experience provided great insight and will help me make decisions to help shape the future of our sport, foster connections on and off the water, and contribute to the success of Mill Town Rowing.

Though you’ll often find me on the water, pouring my heart and soul into each stroke; I’m equally dedicated to my trusty erg, pushing my limits and finding new strength. Challenging myself to row 1 million meters between October and February for two consecutive years.

Rowing, however, isn’t just a sport to me; it’s a way of life, a journey of dedication and camaraderie. Beyond the titles and medals, my favorite part of rowing has always been the people and the other incredible teammates who inspire me to dig deeper, push harder, and celebrate every victory, big or small, together. They are the heartbeat of this sport, and I am endlessly grateful for each shared moment of triumph and resilience.

So, here’s to the early mornings on the water, the late nights on the erg, and the indomitable spirit of the rowing community. I can hardly wait to see where this new adventure takes us!

Treasurer: Todd Owsley


Rowing Years: 1

Why I’m here:

My goal was to find a sport that I could develop new skills as an athlete and be competitive for the rest of my life. I was immediately attracted to the team aspect of rowing and the accountability that it demands. I am becoming a better person because of the people I have found and surrounded myself with at Mill Town Rowing. They inspire me every day. 


Secretary: Cristi Colony


Rowing Years: 18

Why I’m here:

A large picture of a women’s 8 rowing one misty morning hangs on the wall of my home… it reads:

As I grow older, I will remember the mornings on the water at six. I will remember the early sun, my will to win, the strength in my arms, and the power of the crew. As I grow older, I will remember how I always reached beyond myself in everything I did, and how today I still do. 

Rowing to me is not just a sport… It is a frame of mind, an expression of my value system, a lifestyle that encourages me to be the best version of myself, and to encourage those around me to do the same.  I am fortunate to have discovered the love of rowing in my late twenties as these formative and foundational lessons have benefitted me in so many other aspects of my life:  parenting, career, relationships, and citizenship.      

I am honored to serve, working to further the Mill Town Rowing mission.  My hope is that through rowing, athletes benefit greatly from the sport, the exceptional community of people, and are empowered to reach their full potential on the water and in life.

Director: Carolyn Thostenson


Rowing Years: 38

Why I’m here:

An intrepid traveler, I am forever chasing the horizon. From the rugged trails of Kilimanjaro to the serene Annapurna Base Camp, I’ve left my footprints on some of the world’s most breathtaking summits.

I’ve volunteered in the aftermath of earthquakes, wandered ancient pilgrim routes, and reveled in the vastness of the Mongolian steppe. Early and Baroque music resonate in my soul; as notes dance, I find solace in their intricate melodies—much like feeling that “swing” on the glassy water of a sunrise or sunset row.

Born in Everett, I’ve lived in Korea, Wales, and San Francisco – and settled back in the Pacific Northwest because nothing beats mornings spent rowing, afternoons on the ski slopes, and evenings surrounded by family & friends. Now retired from clinical research, I’ve traded in my lab coat for oars.  And fast cars! 

When I’m not scaling mountains, I retreat to our family beach cabin. There, crab pots, kayaks, boats and my kids & grandkids become my companions. 

Rowing, though, is my sanctuary.  And my teammates?  We’re more than family – we’re a tribe, bound by water, quiet strength, common struggles, loyalty, and the shared joy in each other’s successes.

My life is an epic novel, and each chapter unfolds with the grace of a well-rowed stroke. I am proud to be one of the co-founders of Mill Town Rowing, destined to be a Best Seller!

Director: Heather Kistner


Rowing Years: 2

Why I’m here:

I was looking for a fun way to get some exercise and had always been interested in rowing. I took a learn to row class to see what it was like and I found a fun and challenging sport as well as an amazing group of people who love and support one another. I’m excited to build an amazing team and further the sport of rowing for everyone.

Director: Sybil Tetteh


Rowing Years: 8 months and counting! 

Why I’m here:

Growing up, rowing wasn’t a sport I encountered frequently. Whenever I did see people rowing, it piqued my interest, but I never imagined myself participating. After six years of CrossFit, I sought to continue staying active while exploring new activities. Rowing became that outlet. From my first day on the water, I sensed the unique camaraderie of the sport. As a teammate aptly put it, “There is no ‘I’ in rowing; it requires teamwork to achieve our goals.” As someone who values consensus-building, I’ve been fortunate to be part of a crew that supports and uplifts one another, fostering an environment of intentionality in rowing. I’m committed to making this sport inclusive and accessible to all, and I aim to encourage fellow newcomers on their journey.

Meet Our Coaches

Head Coach: Scott Holmgren


Rowing Years: 36 (13 rowing, 31 coaching)

Why I’m here:

I truly believe rowing and it’s culture can change lives of people in all age groups

I first started rowing at the age of 15 in 1988. Along the way my rowing turned to coaching and I’ve been coaching since 1993. My crews have been everywhere between novice and world champions. It’s been an incredible journey so far, and I have at least 3 more decades of coaching left in me.

Coach: Scott Telford

Rowing Years: 21 years (17 rowing, 21 coaching)

Why I’m here:

While running along the banks of the river Seine, just outside Paris, France in 1982, I witnessed four quadruple sculls competing against each other with a mystical fog rising from the river. I had never seen such a sight and little did I know, this was the beginning of my journey with rowing. This chance, pivotal moment delivered me to an amazing community of people, who welcomed me in and created a foundation for me to develop into the human being that I am today.

Not only did I learn a sport, but rowing with people my age helped me become fluent in French. It was a funny revelation when I came back to the States and start commands were given in French.

I rowed for three years at the Société Nautique de la Basse Seine, before attending Oregon State University where I as a member of the varsity crew and tailored my degree to coaching rowing. I interned for two years at OSU, before moving to the Seattle area and was later hired to coach junior novice men at Everett Rowing Association. I transitioned to coaching master’s and then coached with the Mount Baker Rowing and Sailing Center. Eventually, I was hired by the George Pocock Rowing Center to develop a junior program there. I took a hiatus to return to school, pursue Dental Hygiene, and raise a family. Well, here I am back again!

Meet Our Team

Mill Town Rowing passed the 30 member mark in our very first month. We come from a wide range of backgrounds with ages spanning a six decade spectrum. What we have in common is a desire to build a  welcoming, respectful and mutually supportive team we can all be proud of.

If you’d like get a feel for the club before you join, reach out to us at info@milltownrowing.org to arrange a social or practice drop in.

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